Dogodki in novice

A new school year

As well as welcoming back those GimnazijaVič students who are continuing with their four years with us, special events were held during the first week at school for those new students who join us in the first year.

A special welcome assembly allowed them to receive their official greeting from the Principal as well as finding out their class groups for the years ahead.

With a few icebreaker activities and some time in the countryside designed to encourage friendship, open communication, and skills to do with working together, much was learned which will help these new students during their time at our school.

One of the biggest events to start the school year is the “FazanskiKrst” (literally “Pheasants’ Baptism”) which is a set of activities and games designed by the older students to have the different first year class groups play against each other with a prize for the winning class team. This year the theme for all the activities was ‘Ancient Egypt’. With everyone enjoying this energetic and entertaining occasion, it always helps to make our new students feel part of the school community.

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