Dogodki in novice


Every year, the Gimnazija Vič Book Club organises some different projects and events to coincide with the global celebrations for World Book Night. Our major event for 2017 was combined with the creative projects for poetry and short stories which had a large ceremony and presentation at the end of March.

However, it was important to mark the actual occasion of World Book Night as well.

With that in mind, some smaller projects were arranged for Gimnazija Vič students on 20th April, just before the World Book Night weekend.

The first was a “Library SOS” event in which students could ask our book club’s mentors for recommendations about what to read and question them about their own reading habits and selections.

Also, a special book quiz was held where students could show their knowledge of different works and authors while getting the chance to win some small prizes.

The final aspect of this project was a selection of articles and creative pieces relating to reading which were made available to students as a way of encouraging them to think about the benefits of regular reading and how to include the activity in their normal routine.

The range of different projects was greatly enjoyed by Blanka Klobučar and Tim Gallagher, the book club mentors, and all the students involved thorough the day. The classes who took part made it clear that they felt inspired to read more and to appreciate the great selection of books available in the English section of our school library.

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