Dogodki in novice

Welcoming our new students

During their first couple of months at Gimnazija Vič, a number of projects and activities are organised to make sure that our new generation of first-year students feel welcome in their new school and fully involved in student life here.

It starts off in September with a series of “Getting to know each other” camps for which students are taken into the Slovenian countryside in their new class groups. This is important as those who choose to attend our school come from numerous different primary schools from around the city of Ljubljana and further afield. A chance to find out about their new classmates through specially organised activities means that they will have a good foundation of friendship and cooperation for the years ahead.

When it comes to the other year groups of students, they were involved in putting together the plan for the traditional “Fazanski Krst” (literally “Pheasants’ Baptism”) which took place in early October this year. For this, our fourth-year classes organised a set of tasks and challenges which the new students took part in to win points for their class. After being rounded up by the older students, they were paraded through the school to the main gym where the games were played in front of an audience of the full school community. With this year’s theme being “On the farm”, students had the chance to use their imagination to come up with an afternoon of entertainment that ranged from the properly challenging to the utterly bizarre!

The final part of this welcoming project took place on Friday 19th October when all the first-year students got together in the main hall to give presentations and performances based on their experiences when they were away at the camp in September. With a chance to talk about what they learned about each other, about what life will be like at our school, and to discuss their new friendships, it proved a fitting conclusion to this set of activities.

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