ABOUT US – Our school

Gimnazija Vič is a secondary school in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Just a short walk from the city centre, it has been providing a high level of education across a wide range of subjects to students for over 90 years. Currently, we have about 760 students and around 50 members of teaching staff.

Within the Slovenian education system, students spend four years studying at a “Gimnazija” and all students from Gimnazija Vič then go on to study at university or specialist college. Although work in the classroom is important, the school takes pride in its broad range of extracurricular activities which allow students to pursue and develop their own interests and talents.

In everything we do, the idea of cooperation with other institutions and organisations is important to us. Our experiences have shown that by working with people and groups in Slovenia and in other countries around the world, we are able to give the best possible opportunities to our students.