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Exchange with the Netherlands – Part Two

In March, a group of students from the second and third years at Gimnazija Vič went on the second part of the exchange project with Het Goese Lyceum in the Netherlands.

Our journey began with a flight to Brussels and our arrival in the town of Goes. Here we met our host families who would take good care of us throughout the exchange. As part of the programme, we went to Amsterdam, where we visited the Van Gogh Museum and took a tour of the city. We were all very impressed by what we saw.

We also spent time at the school itself, where our host students had prepared various games and activities for us. One which stands out is when we got to design a traditional ceramic tile or a keyring. We were able to engrave these ourselves and to take them home with us as a souvenir.

During one excursion, we learned about flood threats and the endless battle that the people there have with Mother Nature. Some even braved the cold sea for a swim.

After the official programme, the students were able to make our own plans. Some took the chance to visit the city of Rotterdam and the town of Flissingen. Later, the Dutch hosts prepared a barbecue for us. As well as the great food, we played ping pong and had the chance to relax to the sounds of karaoke, guitar, and piano.

The exchange was an unforgettable experience for all the students involved, both Dutch and Slovenian, and we shared many wonderful moments together. Our journey ended with a farewell in Brussels and a few tears being shed before we boarded our flight home.

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