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A wide range of projects and activities take place at Gimnazija Vič both inside and outside the classroom. This is your opportunity to find out more about these through the summaries and reports presented here through the school year.

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– B –

“Be a Writer” competition 2022

On 21st April, the authors whose work had been selected to be given an award, were invited to a ceremony at the Festivalna dvorana (Festival Hall). The event was enjoyable due to the wonderful readings of the commissioned works which were enhanced by live musical performances and short interviews with the members of the jury, through which we got to know their different fields of work.

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Belgian exchange: March 2022

Our trip to Belgium began very early on the morning of March 7, 2022. Still sleepy but full of expectations and enthusiasm, we gathered at Gimnazija Vič. The first leg of the journey was by van which took us to Trieste for our first flight.

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Blood drive – April 2022

Blood is provided by volunteers who donate it as a way of helping the sick and even saving lives. Blood is an irreplaceable part of the medical system, which only people can provide for each other and we may all find ourselves in the situation where we need to receive blood someday.

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– C –

Case Study competition 2021

During the third week of January 2021, our students participated in the annual competition called Case Study, organised by the University Of Maribor Faculty Of Organizational Sciences in collaboration with the France Prešeren Gymnasium. Due to global events, this year’s competition was held online.

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Creative work: Life during a pandemic

Although our school doors have been closed since mid-March as part of the Slovenian government’s plan to limit the spread of COVID-19, students have been working hard through our online systems and with the help of their teachers to make sure that they keep on top of the curriculum and have a chance to express themselves.

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– D –

Drama group: Day centre visit

On 7 February 2020, some members of our school's Slovene drama club visited Dnevni center aktivnosti starejših (a local day centre for older members of our community) to see a play being performed by their own drama group.

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– E –

Exam results 2019/20

The end of the school year is marked by students in our first three year groups getting their reports and final grades for the year while our final year students have to sit their Matura exams, the state exams for those finishing the “gimnazija” type of secondary school in Slovenia.

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Exam Results 2020/21

The school year came to an end with our first three year groups getting their final grades and report cards and our fourth year students taking their Matura exams, the state exams for those who are finishing their secondary education in the “gimnazija” programme.

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Exam results 2021/22

As always, students across all our four years had exams to take towards the end of the school year. While our first three year groups have regular class tests so they can move up to the next stage of their education with us, those in their final year have to sit the Matura exams. These are state exams for those who are finishing this level of education and allow students to continue with their academic path by getting a place at university.

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Excursion to Krapina

– F –

Field trip to Novo Mesto

– G –

Greeting cards for the elderly

Greetings cards for the elderly

GrinVič frog project

Guest Lecture: Vlasta Nussdorfer

– H –

Haiku Competitions 2022

– I –

IATEFL English Competition 2022

IATEFL National Competitions 2021

IATEFL video competition 2022

International Haiku Competition 2020

International Haiku Competition 2021

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

– L –

Language Week 2021

Literary event – 23 March 2022

– M –

Merry Day of Culture 2020

Micro Story Competition 2022

Musicals@Vic 2022

Musicals@Vič 2020

– N –

National Climbing Competition 2020

New School Year (2020/21)

– O –

Octopus Project

“OD-KLOP” student performances

Online lectures and presentations (Slovene): November 2020

Open Day 2020

Open Day 2021

Open Day 2022

– S –

School Closure (Coronavirus)

School visit: Erasmus+ group, January 2022

– T –

Translation Workshop - #TranslatingEurope

– U –

US Embassy Project – Black History Month 2022

– V –

Video competition: “Keep it Cool”

– W –

World Book Night 2020

World Book Night 2021

– Y –

Young Researchers of Slovenia 2022

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